My Name is Dennis Franke, 21 years old and I’m currently living in Braunschweig, Germany, and I study Computer Science at the TU Braunschweig. I started programming when I was about 13 years old with HTML and PHP and continued programming with PHP for about 5 years.

After learning C++ and Visual Basic for a short period of time I switched to Java and stayed with it until now. Besides some small 2D Games with Java I made my first small 3D-Game with Java3D, but since Java3D is pretty much dead and there weren’t that many people that could help me, I decided to use JMonkeyEngine instead.

My first Game with JMonkeyEngine 2 was a small Game about the TV-Series Scrubs where you could walkaround in the hospital and do a few Missions.

When I saw jME3 come out I decided to do another Game with the JME and so I started working on Return of the Warlord, but I never really finished it, since the Basis of RotW was a little messed up and after a short break I started with the first Prototype of Marble Mania.

Since I already knew from my experience with jME2 that the Community is really friendly and always helps I figured why not do some testing with jME3 and after the first few tests I really liked jME3 and so I also used it for Return of the Warlord and Marble Mania and until now I didn’t regret my Decision to use jME3. Most of the time there were only small changes to the API and so I never really had trouble after updating my Source with the SVN. Only a couple of times it took some time to fix some Issues I had after updating.
In my Opinion jMonkeyEngine 3 is already really stable and there are only minor changes to the API, so I can advice everyone thinking about using jME3 to do so.

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